Meet the Miss India DC 2014 Contestants

  • Trisha Miglani

    Trisha Miglani

    I love to dance and have been doing it for many years now. I have learned many different styles and also started my own Bollywood dance company, called RaagaDC, ...
    Sanchita Bose

    Sanchita Bose

    My interests stem from activities that hold great value to me. Dance has been a passion of mine since young age. Specifically Indian Classical Dancing, Bharatan ...
    Dhara Patel

    Dhara Patel

    My hobbies are dancing, I really enjoy listening to music, I like to shop and having conversations with people.I’m really into Bollywood movies and all things ...
  • Sukhleen Bhutta

    Sukhleen Bhutta

    Some of my favorite hobbies/interests include dancing (was on VCU Ricochet Raas team for 2 years), singing, going to the movies, reading, writing poetry, and go ...
    Neena Abraham

    Neena Abraham

    I enjoy dancing (specifically Bharathanatyam), writing, watching and writing comedy, and travelling. I also enjoy watching dance performances, frequenting art e ...
    Jasmine Gulati

    Jasmine Gulati

    My interests include dance (specifically bhangra) and volleyball. A hobby of mine is shopping of course! The most important interest of mine is helping people. ...
  • Nicky Kandola

    Nicky Kandola

    I'm a multi-athlete. I enjoy playing lacrosse and basketball. Both of which I play for my school's team. I've been dancing since the age of 3. I started off as ...
    Shivali Marwaha

    Shivali Marwaha

    I have found my second family at the DC Metro Punjabi Arts Academy (DCMPAA) where I have been learning bhangra, a Pubjabi folk dance, for the past few years. Le ...
    Sakina Nanji

    Sakina Nanji

    My main interest is Cultural Event Management where I am able to organize events for the South Asian Student Association (SASA) at my High School. Being a Secre ...


  • First Runner Up of 2004 Pageant

    "When you think you have something and you are 100 % sure, you usually don't have it. When I used to take exams in high school, everytime I thought I did well I would end up getting a bad grade so I decided to just have fun and do the best I could! I didn't worry too much about winning and I ended up getting first runner up which is much better then I thought I would do. The pageant was a great experience and I enjoyed every minute of it."

    Sapna Desai, First Runner Up of 2004 Pageant
  • Second Runner Up of 2004 Pageant

    "The feeling of turmoil throughout the weeks of waiting for the pageant to come are now over and the after effects have lead to a great outcome and immense excitement. I am so lucky to have placed and even more lucky to have met such wonderful and smart women throughout this experience."

    Karishma Amin, Second Runner Up of 2004 Pageant

"This pageant provides a platform for you to compete in national level pageant"

- Neena Bhaskar

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