The Miss/Ms. India DC Pageant celebrates its 27th year! We are looking for contestants for the Miss (17-25) and Ms. (25+) segments.Click here to apply.

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Meet the Ms India DC 2020 Contestants


  • Participant Miss India DC 2016

    "Being a part of the Miss India D.C. competition was such a great experience. I totally recommend that every girl take the chance that Neena Bhaskar has given to females by organizing this wonderful platform. It's an extravagant roller-coaster where you discover yourself, the community, and opportunities available out in the world."

    Raman Kaur, Participant Miss India DC 2016
  • First Runner Up of 2004 Pageant

    "When you think you have something and you are 100 % sure, you usually don't have it. When I used to take exams in high school, everytime I thought I did well I would end up getting a bad grade so I decided to just have fun and do the best I could! I didn't worry too much about winning and I ended up getting first runner up which is much better then I thought I would do. The pageant was a great experience and I enjoyed every minute of it."

    Sapna Desai, First Runner Up of 2004 Pageant
  • Second Runner Up of 2004 Pageant

    "The feeling of turmoil throughout the weeks of waiting for the pageant to come are now over and the after effects have lead to a great outcome and immense excitement. I am so lucky to have placed and even more lucky to have met such wonderful and smart women throughout this experience."

    Karishma Amin, Second Runner Up of 2004 Pageant

"This pageant provides a platform for you to compete in national level pageant"

- Neena Bhaskar

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