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Komal Ahuja

Contestant #1Full Name : Komal AhujaHeight : 5’8Zodiac Sign : GeminiFavorite Color : Light pinkInterests/Hobbies : Modeling (South Asian Bridal, Runway, Print), Dancing (Modern, Bollywood, Bhangra), Weight Lifting, and Practicing Seva (selfless service). Read more

Rishika Vissampally

Contestant 12Name: Rishika VissampallyHeight: 5’2”Zodiac Sign: AriesFavorite Color: BlueInterests/hobbies: Hanging out with my friends and being outdoors.What I’m presently doing:I just graduated from Potomac Falls high school this year and I’ ...
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Neha Sehgal

Full Name: Neha. SehgalHeight: 5'8Zodiac Sign: ScorpioFavorite Color:GreenInterests/Hobbies:Green.What are you doing presently?Visiting family in India.What are your future plans?To go to college and get a job in criminal psychology.Why do you wa ...
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Ramya Aluri

Full Name: Ramya AluriZodiac Sign: VirgoFavorite Color: RedHeight: 5'6"Interests/Hobbies:I have a variety of hobbies and interests which include writing, makeup, fashion, watching TV, fitness, health. Other interests include outdoor activities like hiking, water sports. I love long walks on beach.Wh ...
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Saipreethi Pagadala

Contestant #5Full Name : Saipreethi PagadalaHeight : 5’5Zodiac Sign : CancerFavorite Color : LavenderInterests/Hobbies : RunningWhat are you doing presently:A student at University of MarylandWhat are your future plans?My future plans are to ...
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Priya Sharma

Contestant Number: 6Full Name: Priya SharmaHeight: 5 ‘4Zodiac Sign: VirgoFavorite Color: Purple & BlackInterest/Hobbies: Volunteer, Dancing & SingingWhat are you doing presently?Accounting Analyst at a private organization who work for DOD a ...
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Merlin Jacob

Full Name: Merlin JacobHeight: 5'4"Zodiac Sign: VirgoFavorite Color: MaroonInterests/Hobbies: Traveling to new countries and experiencing different cultures.What are you doing presently?I am currently going to school for Financing and working as a Underwriti ...
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Shreeya Chowdhury

Contestant #8Full Name: Shreeya ChowdhuryHeight: 5’ 5”Zodiac Sign: LeoFavorite Color:My favorite color is mustard yellowInterests/Hobbies:From a young age I have invested my life to dance, and more recently performing arts as a whole. I started off as a ...
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Anagha Sreenivas

Full Name: Anagha SreenivasHeight: 5’8”Zodiac Sign: ScorpioFavorite Color: PinkInterests/Hobbies:Ever since a young age, I have always been fascinated by our wonderful Indian Culture and our classical dance forms. Following in my mother’s footsteps, I started ...
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Ananya Dode

Full Name : Ananya DodeHeight : 5’3”Zodiac Sign : ScorpioFavorite Color : WhiteInterests/Hobbies : Dancing, reading, and volunteering.  What are you doing presently?I will be attending Virginia Tech in Fall 2018 majoring in Neuroscience.What are your ...
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